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Skill Development
The public attention for contemporary silver is growing in the world. But while universities and art colleges are focusing on the conceptual development, the attention for the developments of the required multitask skills is in decline. Since there are no production workshops anymore it is virtually impossible for those postgraduates to see their desire for further skill development been fulfilled.
Silver In Motion tries to provide an answer to the lack of that attention and possibilities with its program “Artist in residence for skill development”

Silver city’s “Artworld”
This program is a unique private initiative and is even more unique for it is imbedded in the “silver city” Schoonhoven: A beautiful 13th century town on the bank of the river Rhine (Lek) in The Netherlands. The town represents an “Artworld” around silver: All thinkable gold- and silver related disciplines on 40 locations of workshops, suppliers, shops and galleries, the Silver Museum, as well as the College for gold- and silversmithing, are in walking distance.

Individual program
Silver in Motion offers a coaching program regarding the (further) development of silversmith skills, designing capabilities and related needs. All required to become a silversmith producing high quality silver products and silver art. This individual program is designed for (postgraduate) students interested in silversmithing and eager to master the silversmith skills with the support and assistance of experienced professional silversmiths, such as Jan van Nouhuys and Schoonhoven based colleagues.

Silver Museum
This program is in cooperation with the Silver Museum in the Dutch ‘silver city’ Schoonhoven. Within its premises, the Silver Museum has created a fully equipped workshop for gold- and silversmiths and may house up to 5 artists in residence. The workshop is planned to be ready in September 2013. Although these facilities are shared, each participant operates independently and is responsible for his/her own activities and development.

Over a period of 8 months coaching and assistance will be provided as well as lecture sessions, which will fit the individual requests. This provides talented/advanced post graduates the opportunity to receive flexible training and assistance in tune with their own creative plan and wishes. Participants are supported to create their own success.

Earning opportunity
There are earning opportunities during the year. Silver artwork can be displayed and put on sale in the Silver Museum and on several occasions two of which are the intimate “Silver Night” (Mid December and focused on art collectors) and the nation wide famous open air “Zilverdag” within the picturesque scene of Schoonhoven (20.000 visitors)

Facts and figures
Monthly all-in cost of museum workshop €200;
Coaching program € 700,== per month (9 hours a week);
Housing will be approx. €300 per month;
Purchase of silver/materials and living cost are borne by the participant.

How to contact
For more information and subscription contact Jan van Nouhuys:; Re: Silver in Motion Skill Development.

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