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By Jan van Nouhuys, contemporary silversmith Studio 925, Schoonhoven, NL;

Video "Silversmithing Masterclass" by Rob Glastra Fotografie at our Video Gallery, or follow YouTube link

Sign in Silversmithing Masterclass 2015 get started. You are a young professional contemporary silversmith? And you want to learn more about Silversmithing Masterclass 2015, to be organised by Studio 925 in March 2015?  Don't hesitate to contact Jan van Nouhuys without any obligation. Mail your motivation, curriculum vitae, e-mail address, phone number and some pictures of your recently created silver art to

Silversmithing Masterclass 2014, our first masterclass for post graduate silversmiths has been successfully completed. Why such a concept?
The concept is that the candidate, though young, is regarded as a professional silversmith / entrepreneur. Prior to the masterclass, the candidate is to give an outline, is develop a design according his/her own aspiration. From that starting point I will respond with questions, to find out if there is an idea already about the making process. This will be discussed and questioned and fine tuned towards a plan of making.
This phase is already a rich and excited moment of learning as so much comes by of information, techniques, options with how and why, tips and doings.
On the basis of what has been decided, the candidate is to prepare further steps: Calculating the required material by which I give instructions if requested. Silver can be purchased in here town. Silver solder and many other available materials in the workshop are free to use. The candidate may have to prepare an instrument or find an additional material, so as soon the masterclass takes of there is optimal efficiency during the two weeks (ten days) of hard work. During this time I will cover relevant, information and instructions, appropriate to the phase the candidate is in. That can be anything but also and surely matters of safety.
Though the workplace has really a wide range of possibilities, and my expertise is quite multi disciplined, there are always limits. So it is sometimes the case that I have to come with the conclusion that the given design of the candidate is not to be realized in the workshop, and not under my expertise, for example: casting, three D printing, electro forming.
In case it involves only an additional application, I will advise the candidate to treat such as a preparation, prior to the masterclass.
The masterclass is not particularly experiment focused for the sake of experimentation. The masterclass is result focused. That can imply that I have to intervene with taking over a specific handling. Such can be a handling which for the moment appears to be too difficult for the candidate, or I do it for the candidate out of safety. Such is at the same time a learning moment as well.
My intention is to give the masterclass, as outlined above, for the coming five years, in the month of March. Only in the case I receive the notice of a need, and in case there are five candidates who are able to make themselves free to spend the two weeks full stretch.
Participation costs will be around € 300,==. Stay can be organized on request and shouldn't be a lot in costs.
All participants have the option in sight of an exposition location during crowded Silverday, organised at Schoonhoven in June (Whitsun) to present themselves as young contemporary silversmiths.

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